Friday, 8 July 2016

The art gallery

 The art gallery is cool because of Mr j he was the art guard.


Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Sky Tower

The sky Tower is in the sky city it is near the shops and it is near the bakery the sky tower is near the city it is a little close to the sky tower but the sky tower is blue
The sky tower looks cool and it is the good sky tower it is the best.
The sky tower is up in the sky it is 192 metres tall is a giraffe.

The sky tower looks like a blue sky tower. It looks like a good sky tower in the world but the only thing a Belts the sky tower it is a little bit scary.

he Auckland sky Tower looks amazing and The Auckland Sky Tower   looks so. cool Make Beautiful colors at Night time and at Night time it look like a Beautiful. Tower.
And it looks like a Beautiful decorations in the outside of the sky tower.
And at Night it looks amazing at Night time it looks so cool at Summer it looks   so.     it  looks so cool and it looks so amazing and  the  Auckland sky Tower looks so cool. And the  Auckland sky Tower is the cools sky Tower in the Tower at the Tower we. can by Monsters and Aliens also you can buy some Bugs in the Tower also you can buy some Dinosaurs to in the sky Tower and the sky Tower you can do some activities and work.  You can do some playing to in the sky Tower to you also can do some of the work at the shops.
It is also Near the shops and it is also near the tower to and it is near the sky tower. to and it is near the sky to and the sky tower is near the shops to and they are so Beautiful tower in Auckland and there is a Beautiful Beautiful Tower in Auckland. and there is a big Tower in Auckland but there is a secret Tower in Auckland.